This is the place I'll update my recent activities as I'm not a frequent user of any social media. The idea of this page is based on the 'Now' page by Derek Sivers.

25 June 2018


  1. I'm learning to use Vue to write frontend applications
  2. At the same time I'm doing research on Microservices for my company project.

Health and Wellbeing

  1. Currently undergoing physiotherapy sessions to fix my posture problems. I'm limited to only two short running sessions per week, and I have to do lower body stretching and planks everyday.
  2. To control my body fat and try losing up my muscles, I adopt intermittent fasting for most days by skipping my breakfast (but I drink tea to make it more sustainable). There are days that I feel too hungry in the morning and I feel hard to obligate.

Reading / Books

Just finished Courage to be Disliked last week. This is the most important book for me to date as there are many things clicked to me while reading the book. It's a really good read on how you think about your desires and interpersonal relationships and basically everything boils down to the word courage. 10/10 recommended.