About Yoon Wai Yan

    "name": {
        "familyName": "Yoon",
        "givenName": "Wai Yan",
    "country": "Malaysia(MY)",
    "currentCompany": {
        "name": "Cloud Coder Sdn Bhd",
        "title": "Senior Developer",
        "stack": "Full-stack",
        "experience": "> 4 years",
        "mainProjects": ["Stock Sync", "Uptracker", "Exportable", "AsiaMart"]
    "webdev": {
        "technologies": {
            "proficient": ["Ruby on Rails", "Ruby", "JavaScript", "React"],
            "currentlyUsed": ["Git", "Docker", "AWS", "Postgres", "Vim", "Webpack", "SASS", "CSS"],
            "previouslyUsed": ["jQuery", "MySQL", "MongoDB"]


I'm a full stack developer, doing Ruby on Rails x React full time @ Cloud Coder. I convert cups of green tea to dozens lines of code, brain power supplied by hours of workout/running and my brain is constantly (and heavily) being supplemented by good books and music.